April 2015


Crossing State Lines: Locums and the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact


Have license, can travel. For physicians who work locum tenens with the federal government, this statement has long been a reality. Most federal government opportunities only require a provider to have an active state license in any state rather than requ

Patient Safety [INFOGRAPHIC]


First, do no harm. This phrase is a cherished one throughout healthcare, and a principle by which healthcare facilities and providers alike always seek to abide. So, in 1999, when the Institute of Medicine published their now famous “To Err is Human” repo

You Practiced Where? 3 Unique Settings for Locum Tenens Professionals


Locums in space? We may not be there quite yet, but it’s not as farfetched as it may initially seem. After all, historically and presently, where there are healthcare needs to be had, locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners are sure to follow.

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