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Discover the Power of Partnership

Large hospitals and healthcare systems often face different staffing challenges than their smaller counterparts, and MDA has the experience and knowledge to help you overcome those obstacles. We are dedicated to partnering with you to understand your facility’s unique goals and needs. 

While locum tenens is often thought of as an expensive solution to short-term, emergency coverage needs, we are here to show you a better approach to staffing. By forming a partnership instead of just filling one-off needs, MDA is able to help facilities contain costs, streamline the number of vendors used, make more money and make patients happier. And with our unique Single Point of Contact Service, you have only one name to remember and one call to make to realize all of these benefits.

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Platinum PartnersPlatinum Partners

The idea behind MDA’s Platinum Partners program is this: When you invest in us, we invest in you. For our biggest hospital and healthcare system clients, we are pleased to offer this exclusive program. As a Platinum Partner, you will enjoy a dedicated MDA recruiting team that works closely with your account manager to ensure that we can quickly find the right candidates for your organization.

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